Literacy has always been a high priority in our Rotary Wold.  Dictionaries are a means of enhancing literacy skills at an early age and Rotary Clubs are in a prime position to provide a means of encouragements.  If there are third grade classes in your community are being covered, check it out and participate?   Rotary District 5110 Chair Bill Mickelberry


10 Reasons Why A  Dictionary is Important

  1. A dictionary is an essential tool for a quality education
  2. A child cannot do his or her best work without a dictionary.
  3. A dictionary helps you teach your friends and siblings and relatives new words.
  4. A dictionary is shared by everyone in the home.
  5. Using a dictionary keeps you from looking stupid.
  6. A dictionary makes you smarter.
  7. A dictionary helps you make new friends by creating new associations by learning new words.
  8. A dictionary helps you learn more words so you can earn more money.
  9. A dictionary helps you understand the world we live in.
  10. A dictionary helps us work together.


Rotary Club of Blue Ridge is very involved with the dictionary providing dictionary to all third graders in Fannin County,


Handing out the Dictionaries


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